Where will the future lead us?

While predicting the future is always a challenge, several areas of research and study in computer science could lead the way to the next transformative change to society.


A blockchain is a distributed database system that maintains a consistently growing list of records called blocks.  Once a block is recorded, the data cannot be changed. The data is secure, decentralized, permanent, and mutually verifiable between parties without the need of intermediaries.  Some people are calling blockchain the second generation of the Internet as it allows for the symmetric transfer of trusted data that can contain value.

The ever increasing number of devices on the Internet — being called the Internet of Things will need a way of storing data, and blockchain is being touted as the Ledger of Everything.

Data Science

Data science attempts to understand and analyze actual phenomena with data. It has been called the fourth paradigm of science and the “data deluge” is allowing for the development of new isights into our world and its behaviour.

Specific computer science contributions to data science (which overlaps with statistics, mathematics, and computer science) are machine learning algorithms, classification, cluster analysis, data mining, databases and visualization.